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The Rotary Club of Wanganui North

Our club meets every Wednesday evening at 5.45pm for a 6.00pm start at the Olde Library Bar, Cosmopolitan Club (off Rutland Street, Wanganui).

Apologies (or any extra meals) are requested to be advised prior to 2.00pm on the day of our meetings - please contact the Brian Smith on (06) 344-3056 or email:

We invite you to come and join us, to see what we do and learn more about “Rotary”. 

Meeting Format

The meeting format is firstly enjoying the meal, followed by what is referred to as "the Sergeant's Session", where a member of the club "fines" people for something funny or unusual that they may have done. A fine is normally $1 and goes into a fund we use to assist community groups. This is done in a most light-hearted and amusing way.

Following this we have an invited 'speaker' who may talk about topical issues, overseas trips, professional development, or just sharing of information we may find helpful. Presentations usually last about 20-30 minutes.

At the conclusion, we have 15 minutes of club information about what we are doing, or have completed. It is during this time that you can become aware of projects that you may be interested in assisting on.


The meal costs $17 plus a $2 raffle ticket. Also, as mentioned above, the Sergeant may take a further couple of dollars. Therefore the average cost would be around $22.00 a week to attend the lunch meeting.

The annual fee to join the Wanganui North Rotary Club is $280.00.


We at Wanganui North Rotary understand that the world has changed and attending every Rotary meeting is unrealistic. There should never be a pressure to attend, family should always come first, and work second. We hope you feel that attending our meetings is adding something to your life, not taking from it. We hope you, like us, will find that you want to attend Rotary, it is where you can make lifetime friendships, while making a difference in our community.

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